Shuffleboard - Flooring system and equipment for playing in/out

500 years ago in England: the dock of a ship or the garden of a large colonial house, discs, cues and two challengers. That was how time was spent, great challenges were organized and it was very popular with soldiers and settlers. King Henry VIII is said to have played Shuffleboard but was not a skilled player.

Easily assembled by interlocking, just place the tiles on a uniform solid surface to immediately start playing and give an extra touch to your outdoor area or garden. Clues, discs and scorers complete the need.

It is a fun game suitable for all ages, from 5 to 100 years old.

A few simple rules for playing Shuffleboard: each player must push their discs to the opposite side of the court and try to get them to the parts of the triangle marked with numbers 10, 8 and 7 to accumulate points. Instead, he must avoid that the discs stop at the base of the triangle because 10 points are deducted from his score. It can also hinder the opponent's play by hitting his discs. The winner is whoever reaches 75 points or accumulates the most points after 8 rounds; each round includes two games with a change of field, first from left to right and then from right to left..

Some Shuffleboard’s diagram courts.
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