Tennis Court

Born thanks to a multi-annual work planning, in close collaboration with a team of experts in tennis and sport leaders, the modular surface has established itself in the market as one of the most healthy and safe surfaces for tennis courts in the world.

The design of the surface thickness can ensure, through its own elastic bending, a longer and less "heavy" game.

There are three main aspects that distinguish the surface:

Shock absorbing Design

A surface designed and developed to absorb vertical impacts and lateral tensions typical of the game of tennis. This avoids wear and stress on joints and ligaments that usually occur playing on hard surfaces, thus reducing the effort of the game. This is why it is recommended by doctors.

Tested Rebound

ITF 5The bounce of the ball on the plan is always uniform. The original tile, as a result of the tests, it was found to be very similar to clay courts. (Institute of Technology sports flooring, Dipl. Ing. HJKolitzus, CH). Now the new tile surface was tested and classified in the rating 5 (fast).

Economical advantages

The tennis courts are characterized by an extreme ease of implementation and, thanks to its anti-slip design and draining, are ready for use immediately after the rain. In addition, thanks to its system it offers a greater durability compared to traditional courts.

All major advantages:

  • Ball bounce very similar to clay courts;
  • Suitable for all weather conditions;
  • Design that absorbs impacts and tensions for lateral ligaments and joints;
  • The installation, once the solid underground is made, is carried out in a day time;
  • Easy installation on worn and consumed courts. (It covers any cracks or etched and damaged surfaces);
  • Good-looking while the time passes by, the court has a great visual impact and there is no need ever to recover the surface or paint it. (thanks to its UV stabilization the colours remain beautiful);
  • Immediate water draining through so that the courts can be used immediately after rain or snow, thus increasing the possibility of using the courts;
  • Auto cleaning (it cleans itself through rain);
  • Low surface temperature in summer.
Tennis Court by SwissFlex VersaCourt





Tennis Court 2002
Photo year 2010

Campo del 2002

In conclusion:

Our tennis courts are the best solution for anyone who wishes to invest in a sport facility.

An internationally recognized product whose game quality, durability and beauty come together to its easy management.

Tanuqes surfaces are ideal for Tennis Clubs, resorts, hotels, private homes, sport centres in general and sport business centres, making all type of solutions possible (flat roofs, terraces)