Playground ContestAmici del Basket Playground contest is the 3-vs-3 basketball tournament held in the historic town Città di Castello, (PG) in July and it chooses Tanques basket courts.
The basketball court perfectly fits in the square of Città di Castello without problems of grip and levelling and especially facilitates of the game.
The visual impact is what is needed when you organize such a public demonstration and Tanques courts are ideal because of their modularity and the possibility to use different colors. Tanques is one of the main partners of our event.
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Summer League ImolaIMOLA SUMMER LEAGUE 'confirmation' Tanques
The 2008 edition of the Imola Summer League will use the surface by Tanques. The experiment of 2007 has, had very positive feedback from all the players of the four teams involved in the tournament, Andrea Costa Imola (Legadue), Jesi (Legadue), Fabriano (Legadue) and Virtus Siena (B1). The players were very excited about the grip and elasticity of the Swiss Flex surface, very difficult to find in the outdoor courts.
Olimpia Milano Fans Club The Olimpia Milano Fan Club thanks TANQUES up for their professionalism and for the opportunity, thanks to its excellent product, to create a basketball on a car park area, where several athletes were able to show their basketball talent.
We recommend all sport associations to organise sport outdoor events with Tanques courts.
Effe 2000 Several times already, we have set up Tanques mini basketball courts in the Fiumara Center in Genova in order to organize tournaments during the championship pause. We have always found it very good and this year our star Rusconi also attended the Christmas tournament playing with our kids and giving prominence to the event.
Amici del CampettoOur association "Amici del Campetto" which brings together many basketball fans and playgrounds in the territory that goes from Varese to Milan (www.amicidelcampetto.it) has had the chance to play on synthetic Tanques courts several times.
We used to organize tournaments in squares playing 3vs3 tournaments on concrete grounds but since its first use, we immediately noticed the significant difference with this material because of its high quality and flexible visual impact that has on the public.
Players from different tournaments were always satisfied with Tanques courts, which, unlike concrete, provides a better seal and perfect ball bounce. Furthermore the risk of accidents is very low when using this material.
I recommend Tanques surface to all those people who play outdoor events like us and need a stable and solid court in order to minimise the risk of accidents and avoid all those little imperfections that usually outside areas have.