Realization and laying

The Realization

With a modular court by Tanques:
1) the problem of water drainage is solved by the pavement itself and by the slope of the underground either in concrete or asphalt wich leads the water to the drainage lines outside the court.
2) damages of the underground in concrete or asphalt do not cause problem to the surface since it is not sticked to the underground. Indeed the underground can always be checked and replaced if necessary.
3) the floor covers any small cracks.

Tennis court realization stage 1
Tennis court realization stage 2
Tennis court realization stage 3
Tennis court realization stage 4
Tennis court realization stage 5
Tennis court realization stage 6
Tennis court realization - completed

The laying

Posa semplice e rapida
The surface lays on the ground without being sticked to it, thus offering benefits for the safety of the plant.
In this way problems of damage to the underground (cracks and cracks from frost damage or soil) are avoided.
With any other type of synthetic floor damage that over time could affect the substrate would affect the surface also.
With this surface there is no risk and indeed the underground can always be checked.

Laying down the surface is very quick and this is a further advantage for customers. The work will take just a single day without interrupting the activities of the club.

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