Other uses

The patented system, designed and developed as a recreational floor, thanks to its excellent versatility has proved to be suitable as a surface for humid local (saunas, gyms, swimming pools), warehouses, as a coating for industry and in many other situations.

Made of elements shaped like tiles. The two elements have the following sizes: 25.4 x 25.4 cm. the tile and 25.4 x 5.1 cm. the ramps edge, with a height of 1.8 cm. The single tiles are supported by load-bearing pillars of different heights that offer a good walkway.

  Many uses are possible with this surface:

The coating is suitable for all situations with the presence of water both indoor and outdoor allowing even to walk barefoot, ensuring a pleasant sensation to the foot and good stability with absolute security slip:
Laundries, locker rooms, saunas, gyms, sun, showers, swimming pools, decks and naval platforms, humid local in general.
While using this coating one immediately experiences its easy management and cleaning, its good looking impact, which makes it optimal for solutions such as:
Verandas, terraces, porches, balconies, patios, gardens, exhibition areas, gazebo, walking path on grass or around kiosks and newsstands, garages.
Paving the pool
Terrace surface
Surfaces for Gymnastics Grand Prix
It isolates from the floor, this is ideal for:
  • Warehouses, Deposits
  • Wineries, underground areas
  • Muddy rooms and Kennels
The tile is chill and has a low thermal emissivity which makes it fantastic for:
  • External courtyards (no puddles, always clean through rain and snow goes away quickly in winter).
Furthermore it is optimal to solve problems of floor cleaning:
  • Workshops, Laboratories,
  • Offices, Show rooms, entrances
  • Factories changing rooms
Easy to install, light to move, easily interchangeable, you can simply use a cutter to shape its tiles.
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  • Fiera
  • Gran prix ginnastica - bordo pedana
  • Laboratorio artigianale
  • Piscina 1
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  • Piscina Villa
  • Piscina dettaglio scaletta
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